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RedFusion is a speed enforcement system which measures the time taken for vehicles to travel a measured distance or zone,  and automatically determines which of those vehicles has exceeded the stated speed limit.

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  Ideal for 24/7 permanent enforcement and
Temporary Automatic Speed Cameras at
Road works. (TASCAR)
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  Ideal for a rotational enforcement policy
allowing specific zones to be targeted whilst
retaining the overall deterrent.
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UK Home Office Type Approval (HOTA). t_tick Pending
Data hosting service provided by RedSpeed. Option Option
Small file size for cost effective transmission / storage. t_tick t_tick
Vandal resistant design. t_tick t_tick
3/4G Communications / ADSL. t_tick t_tick
Data retrieval 24 hours / day.  t_tick t_tick
Remote configuration from the Back Office.  t_tick t_tick
Speed detection from 20mph / 32 kph. t_tick t_tick
Multi point to multi point. t_tick t_tick
Laser triggering for efficient vehicle capture. Only handles triggered data therefore reduces processing time / cost. t_tick t_tick
Forward or rear facing capture. t_tick t_tick
Full colour images during night time period. t_tick t_tick
Camera pole with self contained electronics. Optional with
Lite Version
System electronics can be relocated from one housing to another. Optional with
Lite Version
Compact, three lane capability from a single system, lane changers detected. t_tick t_tick
Infra Red or white light illumination available. t_tick t_tick
System can highlight regular offenders. t_tick t_tick
System can be calibrated in live traffic. No need for costly road closures. t_tick t_tick
Vehicle classification capability. Can detect HGVs travelling in car lanes through road works. t_tick t_tick
Journey time data available and output to Variable Message Signs (VMS). t_tick t_tick
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Safety Health & Wellbeing.
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