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  • Full Home Office Type Approval (HOTA)
  • Multiple Communication Options 3G/ADSL/Fibre Optic/Satellite
  • Versatility
  • Dual functionality (Red Light AND Speed Enforcement in one system)
  • Triple DES/AES Banking Level Data Encryption
  • Up to 4 Lane Enforcement (4L one direction/2+2L dual direction)
  • Up to 4 Traffic Signal Enforcement per system (Non-UK only)
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RedSpeed™ is a UK Home Office approved digital enforcement system, designed to deter speed and red light violations.

Key features as follows:

  • UK Home Office Type Approved (HOTA)
  • Digital cameras for recording offence data
  • Data retrieval 24 hours a day
  • Parameters set remotely from the office
  • Up to two camera heads controlled by a single Outstation
  • Speed detection from 20mph
  • Monitors from 1 to 4 lanes

Functional Description

Each lane on a RedSpeed system has three piezo sensors and two loops either side of the stop line.  There is also a cable with three current transformers connected to the primary traffic signal to notify the system of the state of the signals.

The signal state determines whether the system is operating as a speed camera or a red light camera.  In the UK systems are not approved to operate as both simultaneously.  If the traffic light is red, and has been for longer than the programmed minimum time into red threshold, the system operates as a red light camera. 

Any offence recorded in this state must be prosecuted as a red light offence.  Any speed information recorded, however accurate, cannot be acted upon as part of a speeding prosecution.  It is only additional information on the offence.  Any other signal state means that the system ceases operating as a red light camera and can record speeding offences.

When a vehicle is detected entering the 2nd loop (over the stop line) the system has to decide whether to start a speeding or red light capture sequence.  This decision depends on the state of the traffic signals.  The system queries the state of the signals and the decision is made as follows;

Red light with time into red longer than the programmed minimum red threshold.

Start capture sequence for red light offence

Any other signal state

Start capture sequence for speeding offence

The system operates in an automatic, unattended mode, captures offences at the roadside, encrypts and transmits the data to the central office.  Data from each camera is received by an Instation violation Server which writes the encrypted data to DVD.  It is a Home Office requirement for data to be written to WORM (Write Once Read Many) media within 24 hours of the offence taking place.  This is part of the audit trail for handling digital evidence to be used in prosecutions and demonstrates the lack of opportunity to tamper with, delete or manipulate the evidence.  Because of the encryption, the data on the DVDs cannot be read without specialist software and knowing the encryption keys.

Data from the DVD is decrypted and viewed on an Instation PC using proprietary software.  This allows an officer to view the offences, carry out Secondary Check speed measurements where appropriate and make decisions whether or not to proceed with prosecutions.  Data can be exported to third-party processing software to look up owner details and send out Notices of Intended Prosecution. 

How It Works

The RedSpeed™ system uses the technology of both RedGuard and SpeedCurb to measures the speed at which a vehicle goes through a traffic signal junction as well as monitoring for vehicles passing through the junction whilst the traffic signals are on red.

Piezo sensors buried within the road surface enables the system to continuously observe traffic up to four lanes simultaneously. Either in a 4 Lane single direction or 2+2/3+1 Lane dual direction configuration for Speed On Green violations. Meanwhile when the signal turns red and an adjustable preset delay has passed the Red Light Enforcement element is activated. Inductive loops buried within the road surface will then detect any vehicle that crosses them during this time.

When a violation occurs, the RedSpeed™ system takes three digital images. A zoom shot is taken showing the vehicle licence plate, and then a wide angle shot showing make, model and colour. Finally, after a short delay dependant on vehicle speed, a third image is taken showing that the offending vehicle is in motion at the time of offence.  Along with digital images of the offence taking place, the RedSpeed™ system will record data that is relevant to the specific location and offence. 

The data captured by the RedSpeed™ system is encrypted in compliance with Triple DES or AES 12 Standards. This provides security for evidence in conviction cases as the data cannot be altered by unauthorised observers.  After encryption, the images are then stored, ready to be transmitted across a network within seconds of the offence occurring

Our accreditations:  pd_l_iso_60 pd_l_hers_146 ID:004177 bp_116

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